Sunday, August 4, 2013


Dear God,

I thank you for everything that you've done in my life this past year and 8 months. You've truly showed me what it's liked to be saved and loved by your Son. I thank you for that. 

Lord, I pray for Reno and his addiction.  I pray that you be with him and help him through everything that's been going on. I know he needs you now more than ever so I pray that you lead him in the right direction. 

I also pray for myself. I have a lot going on and I pray that you show me where to go from here.  Should I stay at this job or should I go back to the school district? Lead in the right direction and show me your plan. I also pray for my health and that you heal me quicker than normal. I really don't like this infection. 

In you mighty name,

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