Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Dear God, 

Thank you for giving me this time to pray and talk to you. I really could use it. Well I could always use it. 

Lord, I pray for my father. I pray that you heal him of his hurt heart. I don't know what to do anymore and I'm drowning in this house. My family is supposed to be important and it feels like I'm the punching bag. I can't stand it anymore. Help me figure out what to do in my time of need. 

God, I pray for Reno. I pray that you be with him tonight. I know when he gets stressed, he likes to start his problem so I pray that you just surround yourself in his presence. I also pray that you help him is this new school year. I know he doesn't enjoy this job so I pray that you make it easier in him. 

Lord, I pray for DPH. I pray that you continue to make the business grow into an amazing sound company. Though it's already heading that way. 

In your mighty name, 

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