Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Where do I begin..

 Wow! This past week/s has seriously been extremely tough for me. I feel as If everything is just crumbling into little pieces. I have sooooo many issues to deal with in so little time... 
 I have to deal with something that's been an issue for as long as I've been with my boyfriend (1.5 years!!!) and that's going to be very hard. I've honestly never been this nervous/scared about anything in a very long time. And what sucks on top of that is the fact that I get very little support on this issue. I mean would is kill to have someone take pride in me or back me up or something... :( 
 I've also felt as if I'm doing everything wrong for some reason. Or at least with Reno.. I apparently can't do anything right when it comes to him. I love him so much and wouldn't trade him for anything, but for some reason recently I've had a hard time dealing with his issues and our relationship. I know relationships are hard work and I wouldn't give up on him no matter what but I feel like no matter how I react to him, I get negative feed back.. I know God will get us through this or anything for that matter. Or at least help guide me in my next step. 
 Man I came on here to rant about how to deal with issues in a Christ like manner, and ended up complaining about how I can't do anything correct these days. Sigh.. Oh well. That's why I created this blog! To write what I feel! Take it or leave it. 

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